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The 2018 Decorative Surfaces Conference will be held at the iconic Biltmore Miami Hotel from December 4 to 6, 2018. Join us as a sponsor, speaker or delegate.

Executive Advisory Board

John Beck, Sauder Woodworking
John Benson, KapStone Paper
Jean Briere, Shaw Industries
Stephen Canary, Panolam Industries
Moritz Menier, BMK
Flavio Nunes, Schattdecor
Eric Ogles, Hexion
Vitali Panov, Münzing
Michael Phillips, Surteco

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Conference News

Welcome Eric Ogles
(February 13, 2018)

We are glad to welcome Eric Ogles of Hexion as a new advisory board member.

Global Events

TCM Summer School 2018

Berlin, Germany
June 19-20, 2018

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Decorative Surfaces Conference

Berlin, Germany
April 8-10, 2019

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